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Favourite Christmas Song of ALL Time
ShaunWhite - December 10, 3:03 pm
January really can't come soon enough :roll:...
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Automatically hedging out as event starts
Dallas - December 10, 2:27 pm
Its already set to do that, on rules like green all and take SP all etc the 'applies to...
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Manually Place a Spread of Bets without even Clicking your Mouse
Dallas - December 10, 11:01 am
If you’re a manual trader have a look at the image below and guess how many clicks of the ...
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Today's Cricket
mcgoo - December 10, 8:31 am
Better than mine-good job. 'Was my first proper investigative trading foray into test cri...
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crazy stuff
gutuami - December 9, 11:03 pm
The Man Who Swims with Crocodiles. He nursed the animal back to health after discovering h...
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Kafkaesque - December 9, 9:07 pm
Unfortunately, I suspect it shows how their customers actually are; not what Betway thi...
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Today's Football
Kafkaesque - December 9, 9:02 pm
Doubt it's worse than mine (if it's the PL official one) :? Current week rank 5.6 mill...
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Strictly come dancing 2018
MemphisFlash - December 9, 8:59 pm
So who to win. The bookies have stacey at odds on. Joe has millions of you tube followers...
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Lay Scorer & Green Up after 20mins Guardian Automation Bot
Newbrawn - December 9, 4:36 pm
Wow....just tried this with small stakes on the N/castle /Wolves game and it works a treat...
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Betfair charts of the day
Gauss - December 9, 3:54 pm
was recording today and couldn’t believe that was Irish market...
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Professional trader?
Trader Pat - December 9, 2:35 pm
i'm certain she certainly wasn't one to visit the confessional :D [/quote] Ya never kn...
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Lay the Draw & Green Up after a Goal by Checking 0-0 CS
Dallas - December 9, 2:12 pm
In addition to adjusting the arm time if you add the following condition to the lay bet...
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Dallas - December 9, 11:52 am
The trader version does not support excel, for this, you would need Bet Angel Professional...
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Trailing Stop Loss without Offset Bet Servant
Carlos500 - December 9, 11:13 am [/quote] Thanks, got it ...
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Today's Racing
Derek27 - December 8, 8:19 pm
Aqueduct off bang on time! Pure coincidence though. :lol:...
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Trading Over 1.5 Goals with a Trailing Stop Loss
Carlos500 - December 8, 6:42 pm
Thank you Dallas!...
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Soccer Saturday Super 6
Dallas - December 8, 6:09 pm
Your in with a real shout so far :)...
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Telegram Bots
northbound - December 8, 2:06 pm
The above bots will be deleted soon. From now on, these free alerts will be delivered in ...
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Bournemouth v Liverpool O1.5 Suspension
christof21 - December 8, 1:08 pm
Just a question on the O1.5 market this afternoon on the Bournemouth game. As soon it it...


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